Beckett’s Vacation Starts With Three Things

Beckett starts vacation with three things but why does the ambulance come?

  Beckett's Vacation 2015 Starts With Three Things Vacation 2015 in Ocean City NJ started with three things and ended the first day with an ambulance! Watch to see what happened! To See … [Read more...]

Beckett Vacations In Ocean City, NJ

Beckett Vacations In Ocean City, NJ in 2015

  Beckett's 2015 Vacation In Ocean City, NJ Beckett and his family had been looking forward to this for weeks (months, really!) ever since Grammy, Granddad, and Beckett selected the "City … [Read more...]

Beckett Rides His Scooter

Beckett Rides His Scooter. He picked it up quickly, aided by the front two wheels that give added stability!

  Beckett Rides His Scooter Beckett really admired the scooter our neighbor's child has and when we discovered it has two wheels on the front which adds to its stability, Granddad Charlie … [Read more...]

Beckett Celebrates Independence Day

Beckett Celebrates Independence Day, 4th of July, in Swarthmore PA

  Beckett Celebrates Independence Day in Swarthmore PA Beckett found out in a real way what it's like to celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day, in small-town America... including a … [Read more...]

Beckett Takes A Ride At Sesame Place

Beckett measures up at Sesame Place as he and sister Isabel have a great time

  Beckett Takes A Ride At Sesame Place Was Beckett tall enough for the rides? Could he go on them by himself. Not yet 3-years old, Beckett is usually pretty confident about what he does, … [Read more...]

Beckett And Elmo At Sesame Place

Beckett and Elmo come face to face at Sesame Place

  Beckett, His Family, And Elmo At Sesame Place How does Beckett react when he finally sees Elmo LIVE on stage? Beckett was wearing his Elmo T-shirt and looked forward the whole day to … [Read more...]

Beckett Goes To Sesame Place

Beckett Goes To Sesame Place And Sees Elmo Up Close!

  Beckett And His Family Go To Sesame Place Beckett kept calling it Sesame Street Place - he knew about Sesame Street but Sesame Place was new to him (even though Elmo is one of his … [Read more...]

Beckett And The Portrait Session

Beckett and his family at the portrait session with well-known photographer Betty Ann Flynn. At Rose Tree Park outside of Philadelphia

  Beckett And His Family At The Portrait Session Beckett wasn't quite sure what a Portrait Session would be, though he knows to look at the camera before the flash explodes. And when he … [Read more...]