Beckett’s First Plane Ride

  Beckett Takes His First Plane Ride Beckett took his first plane ride and Wow: was he ever excited. Watch as he learns about the airport, the jetway, where the pilots sit, and how much … [Read more...]

Beckett Jumps Into His Pool

  Beckett Jumps Into His Pool Beckett is crazy about swimming. It's nice that there is a pool about 50 yards from his front door, and he, Mommy, Papa, and Isabel often go during the … [Read more...]

Beckett On His Scooter

  Beckett On His Scooter On Vacation In Ocean City NJ When Beckett said "Granddad - I had a thought in my brain about scooting," Granddad Charlie had no idea that that meant that Beckett … [Read more...]

On The Way To Shriver’s

  Beckett On The Way To Shriver's on the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk Beckett and his family know that Great Grandmom, Isabel, worked at Shriver's when she was a girl. SO... every time the … [Read more...]

Getting Photos Is Hard Work

  Beckett's Family: Getting Photos Is Hard Work Beckett (and the rest of his family) discovered that getting photos can be hard work. Oh, sure... capture some of the ambiance of the summer … [Read more...]

Dusk Boardwalk Stroll

  Dusk Boardwalk Stroll With Beckett And His Family Beckett and his family took a stroll on the Ocean City Boardwalk each evening near Dusk. So much to see; so much to do! Watch the fun! … [Read more...]

Beckett Loves The Park In OCNJ

  Beckett Loves The Park In Ocean City NJ - What Fun! How GREAT to hear Beckett say that he really likes exercise. SO much easier to keep a child active when that is the case. See what fun … [Read more...]

Beckett Loves Arcade Rides And Games

  Beckett Feels Arcade Rides Still Rule On Vacation Do you remember the fun of arcade games and rides when you were on vacation? How about how much fun it was just to hold some coins in … [Read more...]