Beckett Makes Candles

  Beckett Makes Candles at School In Rose Valley Beckett loves to learn new things so when his class at the School In Rose Valley went to the "shop" to make candles, he was ready! Revisit … [Read more...]

Beckett and the Ball Pit

  Beckett and the Ball Pit at Oasis in Glen Mills PA Beckett loves to exercise - climb, jump, throw. Watch as he explores the ball pit at Oasis in Glen Mills!Revisit the beginning of our … [Read more...]

Beckett Learns To Drive

  Beckett Learns How To Drive... sort of Beckett LOVES to drive a car, and that really says something for a guy who's only 4.5 years old! He's imagined it before and now you see how he … [Read more...]

Beckett Scooters Inside

  Beckett Scooters Inside Beckett LOVES to ride his scooter inside Grammy and Granddad's house, but it's against the rules. So, why is he doing it and why is Granddad creating a video … [Read more...]

Beckett and Grammy Make Cookies

  Beckett and Grammy Make Cookies Beckett loves to spend time with his Grammy, especially when she can give him direct attention. Watch as they have fun making cookies! Revisit the head of … [Read more...]

Beckett Runs On New Year’s Day

  Beckett Runs On New Year's Day in Swarthmore Beckett loves to run! How do we know? We watch the fun he has when he runs. But put him in a race against others and something changes in him … [Read more...]

Beckett Goes To Disney On Ice

  Beckett and his family go to Disney On Ice You know the Disney characters and music and when Disney On Ice was stopping in Philadelphia, Beckett and his family went! Watch the fun! … [Read more...]

Beckett and the Hess Trucks

  Beckett and the Hess Trucks Beckett loves trucks - puzzles, on the street, at construction sites, and now at Grammy and Granddad's house. Hess makes beautiful trucks, as you'll see when … [Read more...]