Beckett Goes Bowling

Grandson Beckett goes bowling with his family. So... is it true he rolled a STRIKE with his first ball? Watch to verify!

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Beckett Celebrates Third Birthday

Grandson Beckett celebrates his third birthday with a smashing;y-good party. So where DO you take a 3-yr old for HIS party after his sister had THREE parties for her First Birthday? Watch!

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Recapping A Week’s Vacation In Ocean City NJ

Vacation in Ocean City NJ for Beckett, Granddad, and their whole family. What a great time!

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Beckett Learns Mini Golf

Beckett learns to play mini golf on the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk, where his Papa learned years before.

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Beckett Loves Amusement Rides In Ocean City NJ

Beckett has so much fun on the amusement rides in Ocean City NJ.

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