Beckett Goes To A Special Zoo


Beckett Goes To A Special Zoo: Brandywine Zoo Beckett, Isabel, Grammy, and Granddad went to the Brandywine Zoo to enjoy the cool outdoors, the animals, and see a zoo they’d never been to before. VERY interesting specialty zoo! Why Do Adults Seem To Forget This First Lesson A Toddler Learns? Click To Discover The Answer!!

Beckett said some very interesting things when he was at this zoo. It was almost like he was a “zoo whisperer.” Watch this short video to discover Beckett’s sweet connection to animals with out Mommy and Daddy or those which were too hot!

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And whether you write it grandad or granddad, Granddad Charlie Seymour Jr learns life lessons from his grandson Beckett every time they are together. They have fun together and Beckett will always know that his Granddad loves him and played an important role in his early development.

Beckett is still too young to share any grandson quotes but grandson quotes and sayings are big these days and we’ll be sure to share them when available! He IS good at sharing life lessons, as you can see through these video lessons.

Charlie Seymour Jr is the video-crazed MBA marketer and you can learn more about his work at – Click Here!. As you can see, he’s very comfortable with being on camera and making others look great on camera. And he will never have to wonder if Beckett will grow up “not knowing” him if something should happen.

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Lessons From My Grandson – Beckett Goes To A Special Zoo

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