You Can Learn At Any Age

You can learn at any age - and SHOULD! Grandson Beckett took the remote-control car and learned (partly, anyway) how to use it even though it is “aged” much beyond him. OK... so he couldn't use every … [Read more...]

Because He Doesn’t Know Better

See Our YouTube Channel - All previously "opened" videos are there! Because he doesn’t know any better, Grandson Beckett will put BIG blocks on top of SMALL blocks. It's fun to watch him because he … [Read more...]

Use Tools As They Were Designed

See Our YouTube Channel! A spoon works best when used correctly and not turned over. Other tools work best when you understand how to use them. Watch as my grandson Beckett gets the hang of things as … [Read more...]

If You Make A Mess, Clean Up!

See Our YouTube Channel! If you crap in your pants, clean it up! Don’t sit around in it all day! Pretty easy lesson for a granddad, one with a diaper-wearing-toddler grandson, to deliver - I HAVE to … [Read more...]

First Lesson A Toddler Learns

See Our YouTube Channel! Here's one of many life lessons my grandson Beckett has taught me: When you fall down, GET UP. Can you imagine what would have happened to you if when you first fell down you … [Read more...]

Not All Lessons Are Pain Free

See Our YouTube Channel! Bang your head and you learn that all lessons are not Pain Free, yet we must go through all of them as Beckett and his granddad go through some here. … [Read more...]

Learning Is Complicated

Grandkids have so many thing to learn because learning is complicated: When we become adults, we forget what it took to learn many of the things we now take for granted, so discover more in this … [Read more...]

More Than One Way

See Our YouTube Channel! As my grandson Beckett is quick to point out through his actions, there is more than one way to achieve a goal. Here is ONE example out of the many he has taught Granddad … [Read more...]