Beckett Rides OCNJ Boardwalk

  Beckett Rides His Bike Without Training Wheels On The OCNJ Boardwalk Beckett lost his training wheels a month earlier and Granddad promised he could return to OCNJ while still four to … [Read more...]

Beckett Celebrates 5th Birthday

  Beckett Celebrates His 5th Birthday Beckett loves to swim and eat cake or cupcakes. Watch the fun he has at his swimming/birthday party! Go back one year to see how Beckett celebrated … [Read more...]

Beckett Plays With Water at Longwood Gardens

  Beckett Plays With Water at Longwood Gardens Who much water does it take to keep Longwood Gardens so lush? Find out - Beckett did! Watch! Revisit the beginning of our website - Click … [Read more...]

Beckett At Longwood Gardens

  Beckett At Longwood Gardens Beckett loves to run, jump, climb, go on adventures with Grammy, Granddad, and Mama. See how much fun Longwood Gardens can be! Revisit the beginning of our … [Read more...]

Beckett Rides Free!

  Beckett Rides Free - Without Training Wheels! Beckett rides like the wind but how would be do without training wheels? How long would it take him to learn? Watch! Revisit the beginning … [Read more...]

Beckett Loses Training Wheels

  Beckett Loses His Training Wheels Beckett loves to ride his bike and when he became good on his balance bike, Granddad announced that the training wheels should come off. How did Beckett … [Read more...]

Beckett And His Scooter in Ocean City

  Beckett Scoots On The Ocean City NJ Boardwalk Beckett shows how fast he can learn and what great stamina he has as he rides his scooter on the Boardwalk. … [Read more...]

Beckett Flies His First Kite

  Beckett Learns To Fly A Kite With Granddad Beckett and Granddad go to the beach to let Beckett fly his first kite. Watch! … [Read more...]