Beckett Celebrates 5th

  Beckett Celebrates 5th Birthday With Family Beckett, like the rest of his family, really enjoys celebrating his birthday. Here he has two mini celebrations. Watch! Kids at this age grow … [Read more...]

Beckett Rides OCNJ Boardwalk

  Beckett Rides His Bike Without Training Wheels On The OCNJ Boardwalk Beckett lost his training wheels a month earlier and Granddad promised he could return to OCNJ while still four to … [Read more...]

Beckett Celebrates 5th Birthday

  Beckett Celebrates His 5th Birthday Beckett loves to swim and eat cake or cupcakes. Watch the fun he has at his swimming/birthday party! Go back one year to see how Beckett celebrated … [Read more...]

Beckett Funny Faces

  Beckett, Isabel, Granddad With Funny Faces Beckett and Granddad love to make faces, especially when the camera is on. Watch! … [Read more...]

Beckett Loves The Rides

  Beckett Loves The Rides On The Ocean City NJ Boardwalk Beckett gets almost giddy when he can enjoy one ride after another. Watch to see the fun he has! … [Read more...]

Beckett The Water Engineer

  Beckett The Water Engineer Beckett loves to play, to build, to dig - here he digs a trench to capture the Atlantic Ocean. Watch! … [Read more...]

Fun On The OCNJ Boardwalk

  Beckett Loves The Fun On OCNJ Boardwalk Beckett loves to play and when it comes to vacation, he loves all the fun on the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk. Watch! … [Read more...]

Beckett’s Vacation Overview

  Beckett's 2016 Vacation Overview Beckett and his family once again went to beautiful Ocean City, NJ for vacation. Watch to see the fun they had! … [Read more...]