Beckett Enjoys Advent

  Beckett Enjoys Advent Advent is a special time - watch all the things Beckett did on the fourth Sunday! Watch! Revisit the beginning of our website to feel the emotion behind its … [Read more...]

Celebrating 4th of July

  Beckett Celebrates 4th of July in Swarthmore Beckett loves to celebrate the holidays - watch the fun he has in Swarthmore with Granddad! See Beckett's excitement a full year earlier - … [Read more...]

Beckett Goes To Farmers Market

  Beckett Goes To Swarthmore's Farmers Market and Coop Beckett loves to explore so when Granddad Charlie suggested that he, Grammy, and Isabel go to the Swarthmore Farmers' Market, the … [Read more...]

Beckett Runs On New Year’s Day

  Beckett Runs On New Year's Day in Swarthmore Beckett loves to run! How do we know? We watch the fun he has when he runs. But put him in a race against others and something changes in him … [Read more...]

Beckett Celebrates Independence Day

  Beckett Celebrates Independence Day in Swarthmore PA Beckett found out in a real way what it's like to celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day, in small-town America... including a … [Read more...]

Beckett on Memorial Day

  Beckett Salutes his Great Great Grandfather on Memorial Day For many many years (and WAY too many wars), the people of Swarthmore, PA have gathered on Memorial Day to salute their … [Read more...]

Beckett Takes The Train

  Revisit the head of our website - Click Here Now! Beckett Takes The SEPTA Train Into Philadelphia Do you remember your excitement the first time you took a train? Beckett shows you his … [Read more...]

Beckett Says Take Me To Church

  Why Do Adults Seem To Forget This First Lesson A Toddler Learns? Click To Discover The Answer!! Beckett and Granddad Go To Church Pot Luck Dinner and Game Night Seriously, can you get a … [Read more...]