Beckett The Water Engineer

  Beckett The Water Engineer Beckett loves to play, to build, to dig - here he digs a trench to capture the Atlantic Ocean. Watch! … [Read more...]

A Boy And The Ocean

  Beckett: A Boy And The Ocean Beckett is transfixed as he watches and listens to the ocean. The mystery of how its waves work continuously is as old as the Earth itself. … [Read more...]

Family Portrait Time in OCNJ

  Beckett's Family Portrait On The OCNJ Boardwalk Beckett and sister Isabel don't always cooperate when it comes time for family photographs. Is this time any different? Watch! … [Read more...]

Fun On The OCNJ Boardwalk

  Beckett Loves The Fun On OCNJ Boardwalk Beckett loves to play and when it comes to vacation, he loves all the fun on the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk. Watch! … [Read more...]

Beckett Loves The Rides in OCNJ

  Beckett Loves The Rides At Gillian's in Ocean City NJ Beckett loves the rides (and the arcade games) while on vacation in Ocean City NJ … [Read more...]

Beckett Goes To Shriver’s

  Beckett Goes To Shriver's In Ocean City NJ Beckett always enjoys starting off vacation at Shriver's Salt Water Taffy on the boardwalk in Ocean City NJ … [Read more...]

Vacation 2016 Begins

  Vacation 2016 Begins With Ice Cream Beckett REALLY enjoys vacation with the whole family. SO much Fun! Watch how it started! … [Read more...]

Beckett’s Vacation Overview

  Beckett's 2016 Vacation Overview Beckett and his family once again went to beautiful Ocean City, NJ for vacation. Watch to see the fun they had! … [Read more...]