Some Old Remedies Still Work

See Our YouTube Channel and be sure to “subscribe”! Some old remedies still work – at least that’s what the doctor for grandson Beckett told his parents. He had a cough and they were told to give him honey. Wasn’t that just supposed to be for a tickle in your throat?

Hey… I’m not dispensing medical advice (I don’t play a doctor on the Internet and sure don’t play one here – it’s tough enough learning how to be a good granddad!), but it’s good to know that something that tastes so good can still be good for you! Honey to soothe a sore throat. Just one of the sweet life lessons Beckett has taught.

And Beckett loved it. We had to be sure he was old enough before giving him honey because doctors don’t seem to want a really small child to have it. But once the OK is given, local honey (where the bees have literally gathered their sweet potion on local vegetation) can help prevent allergies. (Again – no medical advice given here: check with your own doctor!)

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And whether you write it grandad or granddad, Granddad Charlie Seymour Jr learns life lessons from his grandson Beckett every time they are together. They have fun together and Beckett will always know that his Granddad loves him and played an important role in his early development.

Beckett is still too young to share any grandson quotes but grandson quotes and sayings are big these days and we’ll be sure to share them when available! He IS good at sharing life lessons, as you can see through these video lessons.

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Lessons From My Grandson – Some Old Remedies Still Work

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