Why This Video Blog Series?

See Our YouTube Channel! Why was this video blog started? Watch this video where granddad Charlie Seymour Jr explains what happened to him one night when giving grandson Beckett his bottle before putting him to bed. Life lessons abound.

Beckett was born on September 8, 2011 and weighed a healthy 8 lbs 9 oz. Though it took 36 hours of labor before he officially arrived, it didn’t take him long to carve out a huge place in the heart of his granddad Charlie. They became buddies quickly – maybe because “Dada,” as Beckett calls Granddad Charlie, isn’t afraid to change poopy diapers, hold him when he cries, or give him a bath. Perhaps all the playtime and one-on-one attention on the changing table (er, the dining room table converted into a changing table) helped.

And Granddad is there to teach Beckett how to use a fork and spoon, how to enjoy a banana, how to keep the spaghetti from going ALL over Beckett’s face even as Beckett teaches his granddad about how to get up after he falls down, how to sing with abandon, how to play full out, and simply how to have fun.

So that’s what happens during this video-blog series… but WHY was this video blog created? Why did Charlie want to take the time to create such videos (after all, he creates videos for a living, does he really need to create more?!!)? And as you’ll see, these aren’t created in a few minutes – there’s time for planning, recording, uploading to YouTube, setting up the blog, and more: WAY more time than what’s needed for a “simple” written blog.

But videos are different. They’re a more complete way to record what happens when loving human beings get together.

Here’s what Charlie wrote to a friend who asked why Charlie started this website:

One night, not long after losing my father, I was feeding my (then) 7-month-old grandson his bottle before bed. His room was dark, the ocean waves tumbled from the sound machine, the rocking chair was plush and comfortable, and I was on complete sensory overload. You know, the kind of overload that lulls you to sleep (at least it should for an infant) in total relaxation?

I looked down at Beckett as he enjoyed his bottle. Even in the darkened room I could see him staring up at me as if to say, “I love you… and thank for your caring for me.” He had a firm grip on my little finger and his powerful sucking kept the Dr. Brown’s Bottle firmly in place as the formula raced into his body.

And it was special soy formula because Beckett was a sensitive child – regular formula bothered him and it would wind up all over me when it came back up, even into my pant’s pockets (and boy THAT is a smelly mess!).

But as his eyes got heavy and he started to drift off, it hit me: This little guy had a firm grip on my heart as well. I had promised my daughter that no matter how much I cared for her children, no one would ever take her very-large place in my heart – she’d been the “love of my life” for many years as we share similar interests in music, theater, and family. And that was still true, but Beckett was making his way deeply into my heart and soul – and I felt it.

It was then that I thought: “If I die right now, he’ll grow up not knowing me.” I didn’t want that to happen for him or for me. I already knew he’d grow up not knowing my Dad and I didn’t want to leave him without a strong Granddad figure who loved him and cared for him.

As a kid I kept hearing about “Uncle Jack,” a beloved professor in theater whom my father adored. My Dad’s dad died when Dad was only five, so “Uncle Jack” (brother to Dad’s mother’s) had been a father figure for him. We all need strong people in our lives – to look up to, to emulate, to remember. But I never knew Uncle Jack – he died before I was born.

And as I grew up, I had one grandfather and one grandmother. I hardly ever saw them: I spent one night at my grandmother’s the whole time I was growing up and barely knew my grandfather (who occasionally visited on major holidays). And I saw strained relations throughout my family: my mother didn’t like her father; my wife didn’t like her father; and my son-in-law didn’t like his father so much that he changed his name to his mother’s maiden name before marrying my daughter.

I, however, loved my Dad and he loved me but with him already gone and Beckett not going to know him, I decided I never wanted Beckett to wonder, “What did Granddad look like, sound like… did he love me?”

So I started http://LessonsFromMyGrandson.com with Lessons: For Life. For Business. For Fun! Things a baby/toddler/child teach us as they learn it naturally… like “If you fall down, GET UP!” or “If you make a mess, CLEAN up,” or “If a door is closed, look around to find another way to get to where you are going.” So many adults have forgotten those lessons, and many others, even though they’re right in front of us. And I could tell already after 7 months that Beckett taught me something every day.

And why video? As I’ve seen in my business, video is the most power medium around – images, sounds, voices, text. And since we will “live on the Internet forever,” these videos will be around for Beckett (and others who watch them) for many, many years.

And… with my “lifestyle,” entrepreneurial business, I knew I had to set time aside to spend with Beckett. Just Beckett and me: buddies growing together and having fun. (I admit that never having had a son, I didn’t get to spend this time when my girls were growing up… so this became even sweeter.)

So, to be sure that Beckett and I have time to spend together (just the two of us) and I have some special moments to record video to share with Beckett and all the visitors to my website, I volunteered to spend time with Beckett on Thursday mornings as his parents went off to work. This saved my kids the cost of daycare for one day each week and Beckett and I could play, go to the park, read, and more. It’s parenting 2.0, it’s NOT babysitting.

As a baby boomer, I have all the “stuff” I’ll ever need…clothes, a roof over my head, food on the table. So now it was time to find the “significance” of life. The meaning of why I was put here. The joy of helping another human being grow in love and with support.

And I’ve found it in Beckett…

Charlie Seymour Jr

Watch to discover why Charlie started this video series with his grandson Beckett. It will touch your heart… and make you chuckle, too.

New Video Episode published each Thursday. See how these life lessons impact YOU too!

And whether you write it grandad or granddad, Granddad Charlie Seymour Jr learns life lessons from his grandson Beckett every time they are together. They have fun together and Beckett will always know that his Granddad loves him and played an important role in his early development.

Beckett is still too young to share any grandson quotes but grandson quotes and sayings are big these days and we’ll be sure to share them when available! And even at this young age he IS good at sharing life lessons, as you can see through these video lessons.

Charlie Seymour Jr is the video-crazed MBA marketer and you can learn more about him and his work at VideoCrazedMBAMarketer.com.

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Lessons From My Grandson – Why This Blog Series

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