You Can Learn At Any Age

You can learn at any age – and SHOULD! Grandson Beckett took the remote-control car and learned (partly, anyway) how to use it even though it is “aged” much beyond him. OK… so he couldn’t use every function of it nor control the car through hair-pin turns, but he got it moving as you’ll see!

We can learn at any age – What’s the old adage: “You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks”? Surely you don’t believe THAT one!

Just give it a try. EVERYTHING is new to grandson Beckett (it’s fascinating to watch how his brain processes new things and creates new paths of knowledge deep inside). Everything was new to you when you started: now’s not the time to find an excuse not to learn!

Everything is new at some time – like Word on your computer or even how to drive a car. But give it a go – you’ll be glad you did!

New Video Episode published each Thursday. See how these lessons impact YOU too!

And whether you write it grandad or granddad, Granddad Charlie Seymour Jr learns life lessons from his grandson Beckett every time they are together. They have fun together and Beckett will always know that his Granddad loves him and played an important role in his early development.

Beckett is still too young to share any grandson quotes but grandson quotes and sayings are big these days and we’ll be sure to share them when available! He IS good at sharing life lessons, as you can see through these video lessons.

Charlie Seymour Jr is the video-crazed MBA marketer and you can learn more about his work at

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Lessons From My Grandson – You Can Learn At Any Age

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